Good Friday | The Compelling Attraction of the Cross | Matthew 27:32-56

There has always been a scandal about capital punishment.  Most courts have abolished it.

Martin Luther once said, “If you want to know what Christianity is, start with the wounds of Jesus.” The cross – a punishment adopted for non-Roman criminals, and designed to disgrace and humiliate people, became a symbol of Christian healing, that the Apostle Paul was proud to ‘boast’ in. All of us have known deep pains that need forgiveness: we try false remedies like charity, ‘religion’, self-harm, hope in reincarnation/karma – yet it is only Christ’s blood at Calvary that saves.


Have you trusted in Jesus’ blood for forgiveness of sins and eternal hope?
If not, what are you putting your hope in?
Do you realise how amazing it is to be totally forgiven?
Have you forgiven others who’ve wronged you?