Baptism Service | The Shepherd and His Sheep | John 10:1-18

How God’s lost strays can finally be found.

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In this passage, Jesus claims to be the Good Shepherd. He is the shepherd in that He knows US, and we in turn can come to KNOW HIM – personally! The main reason why this will turn out to be the wisest decision you’ll ever make, is that Jesus is the only religious founder who actually laid down his life in a cruel death for you, to ransom you from eternal damnation. He laid down his life for the likes of you, me…all of us! And in doing so, paid off our moral debts to God…in full! Has anyone else ever done that for you? No? No one else ever could do that, but JESUS COULD, AND DID! Your owe him your life now! It will be the re-making of you! So He can truly use you.


Have you realised Jesus’ love and pursuit of you?
Do you acknowledge that His ways are best for your life?
Do you know Him personally as your shepherd?
Have you claimed your freedom from sin yet? Or would you rather be lost to God for all eternity?