Lessons from Nehemiah

The book of Nehemiah takes us all by surprise! It exposes us to shocking phases of Israel’s history in the mid 5th century BC that foreshadow the early 21st century AD. Israel’s rebellion, defiance, and apostasy from God led inexorably to enemy invasion, then exile in Babylon. Their loss of spiritual power and faith in God was devastating — something we have also witnessed in Britain since World War II and the rebellious 1960s.

Whenever a church or nation loses the plot, the biblical foundations of a God-centred worldview and godly culture need to be re-laid. God brought a faithful remnant of people back home to Jerusalem to rebuild the temple, and welcome God’s presence again. Later, a new wave of cultural renewal began under Nehemiah. His story inspires God’s people everywhere to receive bold vision, hope, and spiritual recovery. By courageous ‘battling and building’ under God’s protection and direction, broken walls and half-buried people can re-emerge from the rubble again.

Radically obedient leaders and people are vital. Beginning with the realisation of God’s presence and power, both Church and Nation rediscover a living faith as millions turn back to God. Nehemiah is full of surprises for bored jaded cynics. It’s God’s ‘shock-treatment’ for declining churches and fragmented societies on the run from him. Only God and his gospel can rebuild ruined lives, churches, and cities, so they can live and breathe again.