There’s so much misunderstanding about Christianity, both outside and inside the church.

There are counterfeit expressions of the Christian faith all over the place, acting as delusions and distortions of the original.

At Westminster Chapel, we want the real thing; not a cheap imitation. We think others – you? – do as well.

The crux of the issue is what does it really mean to follow the world’s most iconic figure, Jesus, and put the beautiful Truth He taught into practice? Where can we find the answer to that question?

One way is by turning to one of, if not the earliest Christian documents ever written: the half-brother of Jesus, James’ letter written to Christians under pressure around 45AD. He had an encounter with the Resurrected Jesus that changed him from a skeptic disbelieving the brother he’d known all his life, to someone who would bow down and worship Him as God.

From his intimate experience of Christ, James challenges believers:
– to rejoice in the midst of trials
– to see through deadly deception
– to turn away from prejudice and love everyone equally
– to take action when others are in need
– to bridle our tongues
– to make peace, not war
– to seek justice for the oppressed
– to be patient in suffering and persistent in prayer.

In short, James helps us to see that we’re not saved by good works but for good works. He issues a prophetic wake up call for Christ-followers to be good news to a world full of much evil and injustice.

Join us, as together we seek to be a much more authentic expression of what Christianity was always meant to be, putting God’s love in action in London and beyond.

Sundays, 11am, 10th September – 29th October 2017.

1 | James 1:1-1-12 | 10th September | Dignifying Trials
2 | James 1:13-27 | 17th September | Dangerous Deception
3 | James 2:1-13 | 24th September | Loving Everyone
4 | James 2:14-26 | 1st October | Loving Works
5 | James 3:1-12| 8th October | Bridling the Tongue
6 | James 3:13-4:12| 15th October | Inner Peace
7 | James 4:13-5:6 | 22nd October | Deny Yourself
8 | James 5:7-18 | 29th October | Wait Patiently