Five Core Truths That Still Shape & Strengthen Our Lives

500 years ago, a freedom movement swept across Europe to transform the world, liberating Christianity from human tradition: bringing the eclipse of the glorious outshining of the goodness of God in the gospel of Jesus Christ to an end.

To mark this, we’re excited to be starting a 5-week sermon series, examining the ways that the Reformation changed the world, and continues to do so.  In this series we want to allow ourselves be re-formed: shaped and strengthened – by the five great ‘capital T’ life-changing Truths that have come to define the Reformation: Scripture alone, Christ alone, Grace alone, Faith alone, and the Glory of God alone.

Our lives, and the world we live in, were changed drastically by this amazing news, and astounding truth. We want yours to be too.

Come and journey with us over the next five weeks. Whether you’ve been a Christian all your life, or whether you’re just looking in, wondering what it’s all about. We’ll be posting the messages on this page, but would love you to visit us, and experience a loving grace-filled community in the heart of London.

We’ll be examining a different truth each week, with a particular focus on the inspiring life story and testimony of one of the great (albeit imperfect) reformers.

5th November – Scripture Alone 
12th November – Christ Alone
19th November – Grace Alone
26th November – Faith Alone
3rd December – Glory Alone

On Sunday 5th, we’ll also be giving out copies of Michael Reeves’ The Freedom Movement: a resource for you to read, digest, and then to give to a friend to show them how the gospel changed the world, and continues to do so! Our bookshop will also be selling the book, ‘Why the Reformation Still Matters’ by Michael Reeves and Tim Chester.

Come and celebrate #Reformation500 at Westminster Chapel!