Just this morning as I was preparing to head into the office I was challenged to go deeper in pursuit of my heavenly Father in a way that caught me off guard and that I haven’t been able to shake all day.

One of my sons, Gideon, is currently in the early days of walking. This morning he toddled in rather a wobbly fashion towards me and held out his hands as he so often does at the moment. Of late this holding out of hands has been him wanting to take my hand or a finger so that he might walk more confidently with my support.

As he drew near I held out my hand expecting him to take hold and continue walking and yet today in this moment he pushed beyond, he pressed on and wanted more than my hand, he wanted his Daddy, he was after my embrace.

At times I find it is in the small things that God provokes us about our own daily living and walk with Him. Today I was clearly reminded that even though I am aware of the hand of God upon my life, blessing me, leading and guiding me, that I should not settle there. I was provoked to not just settle for the hand but to press in and know the embrace of my heavenly Father. Not to just experience the blessing of His guiding hand, but to all the more know the goodness of the one who pours such abundant blessing upon us.

I pray that sharing this simple thought would challenge you today to press in, to come close to the Father, not being content to simply know his Hand but rather to draw close with the confidence and boldness of a child to catch the sound of His heart, the beautiful melodies of delight that He is singing over you right now in Heaven.

It will be life changing!