This is the second post in our Parenting series – if you missed the first, you can catch up here.

Today’s post is by Holly Satterthwaite.

Enjoying God and enjoying worshiping him is an important way in which we can encourage our children on their own personal journey of faith. Here are a few practical suggestions from the Satterthwaite household to help make worship (especially a family worship modelled by mum and dad) fun:

Dance it Out
Mr Cow: Quickly becoming a classic at Chapel for under 5s, this CD is full of worship songs that little ones love. My daughter now moos at the CD player when she feels in the mood for a boogie.
Dance using bells and ribbons: Perhaps you’re braver than me and there’s even some toy drums or trumpets in your house? Let’s do this David-style.

Be Devotional
Reading the Bible together with your kids regularly will help them grow up with that practice and hopefully adopt their own quiet times in the future. We love this children’s Bible, and this one too.
The Bible App for Kids: An interactive way for kids to engage with bible studies. Also has been handy for avoiding total meltdowns when the train to church is diverted to a longer route.
Truly embrace the stories with some dressing up: Yet to be tried in our home but I reckon Anna would be delighted to play out the Goliath story with daddy.

Get Organised
– If you’re anything like me, none of this happens unless you plan it. Life is busy and there isn’t always time to think about how we’re prioritising our time and efforts. Diarise it. Protect some time for this, it doesn’t need long. We have a week calendar on our family pin board which I map out every Sunday evening, it’s a way that I’ve found helps me be intentional about how I utilise the time I have each week.
– We’ve recently started going through the alphabet. Each week is a different letter, with a different focus for learning and worship. A was apples and learning about Abraham. We read the story, looked at stars and tried to practice waiting (with some minor success!). B was birds and ….
Gather ideas: I recommend the book Family Time for devotional ideas for all the family. Many would work for those over 5 as well. Speak to other Christian mums and share ideas.

Go the distance
Don’t give up if worship with your kids drops off the radar for a while; there’s no point in getting legalistic and beating yourself up about this. Equally, God is delighted when we pick it up again and some things that seem important are put-downable if it makes room for this. As I write, my home hasn’t been hoovered in two weeks. I’m not proud of that, but I’d rather it was that way round than spotless floors and a daughter that hasn’t seen me point her to Jesus in two weeks. It doesn’t matter what the visiting yummy mummies think, I know God loves the choice I’ve made this week.