“Where the Spirit of The Lord is there is freedom.” 

Freedom is definitely the word that sums up Newday 2013. Some of the youth came excited and expectant to meet with God, while others were a little more hesitant. By the end of the week all had experienced God’s love, power and grace in a fresh and new way.

“Even when Jesus was on the cross in extreme pain and agony, he was thinking of me. Jesus loves me. My hunger for being loved will only be satisfied when I come to Jesus.” – Debbie (one of our youth)

So if you haven’t been to Newday before, it is a fantastic mix of craziness, fun, sleeplessness, amazing teaching, challenging seminars, sensational worship and pranks. We asked some of the youth what were their best bits, and here they are…

Morning meetings:



“The morning meetings were very: 1. Crazy 2. Energetic 3. Fun 4. Involving 5. Serious” – David

“…Really motivating and powerful preaching.” – Esther


“Joel Virgo’s teaching was really inspiring…fun, life-changing, engaging, profound, enjoyable.” – Zandy

“1. Revelation 2. Powerful 3. Moving 4. Melodious 5. Captivating” – Debbie



True Stories

“We learnt about David and how he was taking responsibility and leading where he was and how God can use us no matter how old we are.” – Debbie

Young leader

“A boy that had a dad that was drunk all the time…The fact that his dad made his mum mentally ill and stabbed him but he still forgave his dad.” – Esther

“Guvna B and his life and how God saved him and his friends life…funny, productive, encouraging, motivating, genuine.” – David

To Be A Man


“How to be a Christian as a man. It talks about how to cope with a family and how you should sacrifice.” – Akeem


“We studied attitudes in the media and entertainment towards religion and the standpoint God wants us to adopt.” – Zandy

Evening meetings:


 “That we never have to try and repay our sin.” – Esther

“…In every worship session I felt the Holy Spirit move in a different dimension.” – Debbie

“It’s not impossible to receive and be close to the Holy Spirit.” – Zandy

What was your favourite prank?: 


“Mike and Ben put fake maggots into the girls toothpaste…not only did Mike and Ben scare us, they scared all the girls on our zone!” -Debbie

“The maggot prank to the girls, but not to me, that was not funny.” – Akeem

“The Zandy love letter” – Esther

What did you learn about God?:

image-2“I learnt that God will never stop doing miracles and being a Christian isn’t just about being good but also having fellowship with God.” – David

“He will always accept and love you.” – Pedro

“God is bigger than all our problems. If we focus on God everything around us will look small in comparison. Our giants in life can be defeated when God is on our side.” – Debbie

Why would you go on a youth camp again, like Newday?:


“…because it was very fun and I felt edified and spiritually enriched.” – Zandy

“…because it’s a very good experience where you can come to God in a fun and casual way…” – Akeem