With our Mythbusters series soon to finish we thought it’s about time the survey results were released. With nearly 250 responses from online surveys and conversations with people in the streets of Westminster, here’s the top ten, beginning with the ‘myths’ most strongly agreed with.

Top Ten

1. Christianity is seriously old fashioned about sex

2. The Bible is sexist (14 June)

3. Jesus is just a moral teacher (21 June)

4. Science has disproved God

5. The Bible has nothing to say to me

6. Christians have committed intellectual suicide

7. Christianity is irrelevant

Joint 8 & 9. Christianity says the worst sin is LGBT & Everyone goes to heaven (5 July)

10. Christianity is just a list of dos and don’ts

Misunderstandings about what the Bible says about sex continue to be big stumbling blocks for today’s generation. This is a significant issue that churches today must speak out more clearly and winsomely about. Even concerned gay atheist journalist Matthew Parris is asking the question, “is there nobody of any intellectual stature left in our English church, or the Roman church, to frame the argument against Christianity’s slide into just going with the flow of social and cultural change?” But perhaps the bigger issues are not just same sex marriage and homosexuality as we might presume but sex per se, and the sexes (gender).


When we discounted the ‘born again Christians’ who completed the survey we were surprised to discover how many people were identifying themselves as atheists. Our personal experience of interviewing people in the streets confirmed this. It’s helpful as we seek to give more thought to what Londoners; the people we’re seeking to impact, think they believe.



A significant amount of people interviewed presented as confused and poorly thought-through in their views, giving a mixture of Christian and atheist positions in their answers. This is a reminder, along with the national census, that the boxes people tick about their spiritual commitments don’t necessarily reflect what they believe, and they may not have actually given much thought to belief at all. We, the Church must do more to provoke people to really think about the issues that really matter in life.