Statement of Intent

We men of Westminster Chapel are an army under the authority of Jesus Christ. We are responsible to Him: to train, to serve, to lead, and to fight to save lives.

We will train together, with discipline, to equip each other with wisdom and strength. We will learn from the Word, from the Holy Spirit, and from the examples of great men. We will be as one, a fellowship unbreakable in the unity of one spirit.

We will serve together, with love, to build the kingdom of God, to restore what is broken, to rescue the lost, to protect the weak, and to submit to right authority. We each have a vital role, so we will all contribute our talents, gifts and resources.

We will lead together, with honour, as husbands and sons and fathers, in church and at home and in the workplace. We will listen to God’s voice. We will speak up when our friends are silent. We will act when others do nothing. And when we stand in the face of danger, we will not yield.

We will fight together, with courage, for a shared mission to capture this city for God. Side by side, we will resist the enemy and win freedom in Christ. We will carry the gospel entrusted to us, wear the spiritual armour of God, and fight to make Jesus famous in London.

We men of Westminster Chapel are an army, and the victory has already been won. We trust in our commander-in-chief, Jesus Christ, who is the victor. So we carry his banner, wear his uniform, and in his name we go: soldiers, heroes, men of valour.

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