Church Planting & Restarting

When Jesus gave his Apostles the instructions that they were to “go into all the world and make disciples of all nations” we see them getting on with this task in the book of Acts by planting churches. And so every church that has been started in the last two millennia has been in response to this commission from Jesus.

It seems that the mission of Jesus Christ cannot be separated from the call to start new churches, and restart old churches, since the church is right at the centre of his heart and his plans.

It is our passion and desire to be engaged with the mission of Jesus. That means making disciples here at the Chapel, but it also means investing our energy and resources into the work of church planting and restarting.

If you take a look at the situation in London today you can read two very different stories. On the one hand there are many churches that have closed or are on the verge of closing. Where old churches have died and disappeared there is a huge need for new ones to emerge. And yet, on the other hand, there is an enormous upswell of new life as new churches are started and many old ones are transformed and flourish again.

And of course, we’re not only thinking about the needs of London, but recognise there is a call to send church planters across the country and the world. That is one of the reasons we’re so excited to be partnering with Commission, an international network of churches engaged in church planting (and part of wider Newfrontiers family).

Church Plants

We launched our first church plant, Grace London in September 2014, to find out more about them click here.

Church Restarts

We’re praying for a Holy Spirit led restart opportunity.

Not quite sure what a restart is? A restart happens when a healthy, growing church or church planter takes leadership responsibility for a distressed or declining church in order to restore the people and gospel mission of that local church.

If done well, a restart can be a powerful tool to redeem kingdom space, kingdom people and kingdom resources in a way that reflects the redemptive heart of the gospel.

To find out more watch this excellent video produced by Mark Jobe and the New Life Chicago team who’s heart we share for restarts.


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