Equip Academy

Our Equip Academy is where people go to grow deeper faster

The Equip Academy consists of a variety of 7-week courses written for people in the church. Whether you think you’re academic or not, these courses are for you. They’re created and taught by members of the church and will be theologically rich, easily understandable and very practical. All the courses are free to attend.

Westminster Chapel’s vision is to see hundreds of lives transformed and tens of congregations started. We believe this will be achieved by every Christian being equipped effectively. The Equip Academy exists for that exact purpose; to help Christians flourish in their faith. It’s where you go if you want to grow deeper faster.

What courses are on this term?

Come on a journey through Ephesians and learn how to flourish as a Christian right where you are. Over 7 weeks we will be answering some of the biggest questions you’ll ever ask:
– What is God’s big plan for the world and for me?
– What does it mean to be blessed by God and how can I bless others?
– What’s the point of church and what’s my point in church?
– How has God gifted me and what can I do with that?
– How can I walk with Jesus day by day?
– How can I stand strong in the face of opposition?

Equip is for absolutely anyone. If you’re wondering where to start with the Academy, this is the course we’d recommend.


Learn to naturally talk about Jesus wherever you are:
– Deepen your understanding of what evangelism means and looks like
– Explore in detail the gospel message and how it relates to all of life
– Practice discussing faith in normal conversation
– Learn various different ways to evangelise from people who love to do it
– Be prepared for when people ask you tough questions
– Hear lots of inspiring stories from other everyday evangelists


Train Leaders
Good leadership makes all the difference. Based on lessons from Jesus and David, this course will enable anyone to grow into what God has called them to do. You will not only learn from two very experienced leaders, but also from your fellow coursemates.

Every week will cover new principles and practices which immediately relate to your current situation: casting vision / good disciplines / effective discipleship / change management & much more. Invite only for this term.

When will this happen?

Dates: 21st October until 2nd December

Time: 2.30-4pm (after lunch).


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