Equip Academy

Our Equip Academy is where people go to grow deeper faster

The Equip Academy consists of a variety of 7-week courses written for people in the church. Whether you think you’re academic or not, these courses are for you. They’re created and taught by members of the church and will be theologically rich, easily understandable and very practical. All the courses are free to attend.

Westminster Chapel’s vision is to see hundreds of lives transformed and tens of congregations started. We believe this will be achieved by every Christian being equipped effectively. The Equip Academy exists for that exact purpose; to help Christians flourish in their faith. It’s where you go if you want to grow deeper faster.

What courses are on this term (Feb 17th – March 31st 2019)?

Learn to read your Bible more effectively, accurately and devotionally. This course is designed for anyone who wants to grow in their knowledge of the whole Bible and how they can get more from the times when they sit down to read it.

It will cover things like:
– What is the Bible?
– What is the overall storyline of the Bible?
– How should I read the different types of literature?
– What are the best resources to help me when I’m stuck?
– How can I turn Bible reading into prayer?
– What are some helpful habits that I can develop to help me read better?

READ is for absolutely anyone. It has been produced by people in the church, and is designed to be rich, realistic and relevant. It will also feature an optional online module which covers a large amount of great material over 7 videos.


Explore your place of work from God’s perspective. It’s easy to lose sight of how our daily lives can glorify God. This course is designed to help us gain a Biblical perspective of the work we do and what significance it has in God’s kingdom.

We will explore questions like:
– What is work and why does it exist?
– How can work be so brilliant and so hard at the same time?
– Why does my work matter?
– How can I work in a way that honours God when no one else around me does?
– What are good ways to share about my faith at work?

WORK is for anyone. As you will discover in the course, everyone ‘works’ even if they don’t go to an office or get paid for it. So this course will be insightful and beneficial to anyone.


When will this happen?

Dates: 17th February until 31st March

Time: 2.30-4pm (after lunch).


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