The 2012 Olympics in London provided a massive opportunity for the church to ride the crest of a wave of good feeling, community spirit, and a sense of celebration. As millions visited our capital city, the streets became packed with opportunities to share the Good News – not the news that Mo Farah had won another gold medal (that was great news too) – but that Jesus is alive, and he is working in London!

As a church, we decided to open up our building for a week, and host an exhibition that tells of the history of London, from a Christian perspective. During this week we saw many come through the doors from all walks of life, and we cherished opportunities to get to know our neighbours, treat them to a cup of tea or coffee, and take them through the story of the ‘athletes’ of Christian history: many of whom have made our capital city and nation what it is today.

We’ve made available the text of the exhibition, after many requests to do so. We hope you’ll find it interesting reading and it will spark your sense of awe and wonder at the phenomenal lives lived by Christians over the centuries.

Click here to download ‘The London Story: A History of Christianity in the UK and London.’