On Sunday 22nd January 2012, Greg Haslam will be starting a new sermon series entitled, ‘Guard the Gospel.’

He’ll be looking at 2 Timothy; the Apostolic Gospel and the Apostolic Ministry.

Greg writes;

There is enormous fascination in reading the ‘famous last words’ of great people whose lives shook the world. What was uppermost in their minds during their final hours can still have an impact upon our lives today. II Timothy is Paul’s last letter and final legacy, written within days of his imminent martyrdom at Rome. It is reminiscent of Sir Winston Churchill’s fearless war speeches to beleaguered Britain during the darkest days of WWII. Here, the great Apostle charges his fellow-soldier Timothy to ‘Never, never, never give up!’ – in a moving rallying call still resonating to all of us who love the gospel, and long for it’s ongoing revolutionary influence today.

Paul’s sober realism unmasks the threat of false teachers and evil-livers who still love to intimidate and silence us, if they can. His striking courage and strong counsel is actually Christ’s voice, urging us to grab our combat gear and weapons then enter what C.H. Spurgeon called ‘The Greatest Fight in the World’. This is the worldwide battle to save countless lives drowning in a tsunami of sin and lies. This deadly tide can only be turned back when the ‘unafraid and unashamed’ fearlessly preach God’s saving message as though they really believed it. II Timothy then becomes our personal and timely summons to ‘Guard the Gospel’ in our time and generation.

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