As an independent, God-fearing woman living in twenty-first century London, I was ever-so-slightly offended when watching the below video for the first time. What you are about to see (apart from giving a rather disturbing insight into the Price-Evans’ private life!) is a parody and a stream of stereotypes about today’s woman and the struggle she and her nearest and dearest face. It is, of course to be taken with a hefty-handful of salt, and if it does offend you, well, you were warned!

Although, I must add to this disclaimer, that after about 24 hours to consider the video’s content, I realised that perhaps it wasn’t as fictitious, offensive or edgy as I had first imagined. During this time frame, I myself had cycled through the following emotions: exhaustion, panic, fear, tears, elation, a need to go out and be sociable, a need for some privacy, a time of feeling close to God, a time of feeling on my own, determination to get up and seize the day, determination to go and have a nap at the next possible opportunity… and the list goes on! It seems that being a woman – however old or secure you are – in our culture, with the challenges we face and the hormones we battle with – is tough. To be spiritually and emotionally constant and to remember that God is our rock, is sometimes harder than it sounds.

That’s why the upcoming Women’s Ministry event is not to be missed! Even the most together woman will have a rare moment when she loses her rag, or misses the tube train and has a tiny cry to herself (am I alone in this?).

So, Saturday 27th October, 9.30am at Westminster Chapel. Liz Holden will be speaking, with worship led by Emily Haslam. £5 for breakfast. No booking necessary (but it would really help the team to know if you’re coming (email [email protected] or sign up on The City)). See you then!?

Here’s the video: