If, like me, you are starting the New Year filled with many good intentions and resolutions, here’s another to add to your list:

* Give to the Westminster Foodbank once a month.

The Foodbank is not a treat cupboard for our staff team’s coffee breaks(!), but a chance to help people in Westminster on the brink of poverty and real hardship. Housed in specially-converted rooms in our church building, every Monday and Thursday the Foodbank is open to local people who’ve been issued a special voucher by their local JobCentre, GP, housing provider, or similar local entity. We greet them with a cup of tea, a chat, and a couple of bags of food, that’ll last a few days.

Over Christmas we were busier than ever, and our store cupboards are beginning to look a bit depleted. That’s why we are asking you  whoever you are – to come along to our Sunday services (at 11am or 5.30pm) on the first Sunday of every month, and bring a tin of food, or something from this list for our Foodbank. You can drop it into the trolley as you come in.

A little tin or packet of food may not be much to you, but it’ll mean a lot to the people we are serving through our Foodbank. All donations welcome: just make sure they are non-perishable (i.e. don’t need to be refrigerated), and within the use-by date.

If you have difficulty remembering, think of it like this: ‘F’ for Foodbank, and ‘F’ for First Sunday of the month. Hey presto!