A few months ago, we asked our congregation to suggest topics they’d like to hear sermons about, and what parts of the Bible they’d like to explore deeper. We called the questionnaire ‘You Asked For it!‘.

One of the most popular ideas was for us to look in detail at some ‘Bible characters’: something that was extremely practical and relevant to everyday life.

Bearing this feedback in mind, we want to ground our new series – which we’re calling Extraordinarily Ordinary – in the area of ‘work’. Not just paid-work, but all the other ways we work: the normal, practical things we do in everyday life.

The Bible has loads to say on this topic, and in our world of celebrity, where many people want to be rich, successful and famous, often we can look down on the ‘mundane’ tasks in life, and fail to see their eternal significance.

What we need is a vision for the ordinary. We need God to teach us how we can be ‘Extraordinarily Ordinary‘.

Through this series we’ll see how God can make your work extraordinary, if you partner with Him and do it for His glory.

God is in the business of using ordinary people to do extraordinary things!

In this short series we’re going to study some of the ‘ordinary’, lesser known, characters in the Bible faithfully doing ordinary tasks in extraordinary ways. For four Sundays we’re going to be singing the praises of some relatively unsung heroes and learning from them.

Join us on this journey: Sunday mornings at 11am, 11th September – 2nd October 2016.