The big questions we want to ask over the coming weeks are ‘what is prayer from God’s perspective and how can we not just pray more, but more effectively?’. Prayer as a concept seems to be commonplace across all major world religions and even among people living in secular populations. However, the variety of practices suggests that although we might use the same word, we often mean entirely different things.

Through this Expectant Prayer series we want to do two things:

1) Learn to pray with the grain of Scripture. That means allowing God through the Bible to teach and shape how we pray.

2) Pray more! We strongly believe that God’s kingdom gets built when God’s people pray. And that’s what we want to see here in Westminster and across the world.

We’d love you to join us at 11am on Sundays as we learn with us:
8th April – Abraham
15th April – Hannah
29th April – Nehemiah
6th May – Jesus
13th May – Paul

*there will be an exception on the 22nd April when we welcome our guest speaker, RT Kendall for a one-off message.