The Labour Party’s recent proposed amendments to the Equality Bill, already rejected by the Lords, are a matter of heated controversy. The Pope has just strongly denounced them as against natural law and an attack on religious freedom, so this gives us all pause for thought. Labour MP Harriet Harman has crafted these new clauses fired by what we hope were sincere motives to advance justice, human dignity, and fair-minded treatment of others. It will inevitably produce the very opposite for some. All faith communities, and particularly evangelical Christians, would be forced to violate ethical standards taught in scripture. They would be compelled to employ church leaders and staff members who openly engage in fornication and immoral sexual activities as well as others who hold religious beliefs contradictory to their own. Conscientious objectors could face expensive lawsuits and heavy fines if they do not comply.

Some beliefs are totally destructive to Christian faith and culture for they are denials of it. Christ charges us to change the world for the better, not bed-down with its shallow-rooted ideas! This legislation is akin to enforcing the freedom of British National Party members to join the Labour Party and hold office, or a radical Socialist revolutionary’s right to work as an adviser to David Cameron and the Conservative Party since we’re all ‘equal’. Thankfully, this ain’t going to happen, for reasons fairly obvious to people of common sense! Sadly, this highly valuable commodity – common sense – once thought essential in decision making and public discourse in Britain, is increasingly hard to find.

I recently re-read a very old letter from a wise and highly respected thinker, who voiced uncommon wisdom on some very important issues that relate to this legislation and should concern everyone who’s worried about the erosion of the foundations within our culture. He urges us to embrace uncomfortable truths and make a stand for them, due to their importance to us all. Here’s an extract:

“I feel very strongly about this huge obligation to tell the truth to all kinds of people across the whole spectrum of human ethnicity and beliefs, even if I’m mocked as a fool for this. The fact is I’m not remotely embarrassed about the life-changing truths I feel compelled to pass on. I’ve already seen their power to transform countless human lives for the better. God can fix anything and anybody up. He plans to rectify everyone who believes this, and then everything else around them.

“This remedy is essential, because God is righteously indignant and opposed to the God-defiant and rebellious lifestyles of anyone who willfully suppresses his truth for self-serving private moral agendas, because it suits then to do so. It’s not as though God is in hiding as many assert, for he’s made his power and benevolence plain for all to see. First, in the way nature itself has been marvelously designed, then within our own consciences as we see his signature in even our body’s  human cells! It’s obvious that although unseen, God’s awesome power and capabilities have been on full display from the very beginning – creation itself.  You have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to see this!

“The tragedy is that though we’re all aware of this, we work overtime to suppress it. We thus rob God of honour, failing to give credit where credit’s due. Why, we’re rarely ever even thankful! As a direct consequence, moral blindness shrouds our thinking and we become confused in our minds, refusing to face up to the plain facts. All the lights go out while, ironically, some claim they’re pursuing a path to greater insight and intellectual superiority. A few of these call themselves ‘The Brights’! I see this delusional thinking everywhere. People first deny the truth, then swap it for ‘tin-pot’ gods and crazy ideas of their own making that inevitably debase them.

“Eventually, God reacts strongly to this in a last resort.  He gives people up to their defiant choices, abandoning them to the consequences of rebellion. How else could they ever discover that they’ve bought into the Lie, and realize that ‘The Emperor has no clothes!’? It’s as though a kind of madness seizes hold of them. Shameful lusts are willingly permitted to master them. God-ordained natural relationships are replaced with unnatural ones that enslave people to insatiable cravings for illicit sexual practices. They abuse not only themselves, but others also. It’s not just the men who do this, for even women fall into these vices too, as everyone forgets what God actually gave us sex for.

“As God’s norms are overturned, the foundations for solid moral thinking disappear too, resulting in the ‘domino-effect’ of unleashing a ‘Pandora’s Box’ of countless evils. Whole societies marginalize God then go insane in the pursuit of freedom without limits. This virulent plague of ‘truth decay’ triggers the implosion of whole civilizations into anarchy and lawlessness in their insane flight from reason. They race to invent new ways to commit social suicide! The fall-out includes idol- worship, pandemics of deception, broken promises, slanderous dirt-dishing, paedophile child abuse, rape, brutal killings, massive frauds, anarchic violence, and vice-grip addictions, all symptoms of their hatred of God and love for de-humanizing evils. They interpret all of this as proof of their new-found ‘freedom’, then angrily silence all protests and pass laws to permit even worse things.”

If this is so, then God help us! The blindness of our legislators lies in their systematic dismantling of our culture’s once strong theological roots sourced in a Biblical life-and-worldview that once secured Britain’s freedoms and true greatness due to our fear of God and respect for his Law. Now, in the name of ‘tolerance’, ‘equality’ and ‘justice’ we are jeopardizing all three by framing laws that are discriminatory, intimidating, and restrictive to free debate on issues that lie at the core of what it means to be truly human – true beliefs and sound ethics. Both seem to change like the wind, but this is surely an ill wind.

NOTE: Most readers will have guessed my correspondent’s identity. It’s Paul the Apostle, the new name he acquired once his murderous fanaticism was removed and his boundary-free mission to the nations was well underway. The above echoes Romans 1. If anyone’s inclined to arrest, fine or imprison Paul for his ‘inflammatory talk’, you should know he’s already ‘done time’ for this. He’s presently beyond all attempts to silence or punish him.

Greg Haslam