The below is a transcript from a message given to the children on Sunday 25th May 2014:

Bruce Wayne, Peter Parker, Clark Kent, Tony Stark, Bruce Banner… Do these names ring a bell to anyone? You might’ve heard them go by another name… who knows what they are? Yes, that’s right. We’ve got Batman, Spiderman, Superman, Iron Man, The Hulk

We love hearing stories about superheroes, don’t we? We love hearing stories of people like these guys or the Incredibles or Ben Ten, who are just ordinary people who end up doing extraordinary things, to help people, save people and defeat baddies. Each of these people somehow receive a power, or a special item or suit that makes them do something amazing.

The adults have all been learning about a man called Elijah, who the Bible tells us was an ordinary man. James, who wrote a book of the Bible say he was ‘Just like us’. Elijah was nothing special. We don’t know much about him before God gave him a special mission, only that he was a follower and worshipper of God.

God picked this ordinary man, Elijah, to do some super things. Let me tell you some of the things Elijah did:

He went to the mean and evil King and he stood up to him! He told him off for treating his people badly and worshipping idols.
Then he said “There won’t be any more rain until God says so!”
That was a brave thing to do, wasn’t it?
Then a few years later, Elijah went back to the King, who was very upset because there had been no rain. To prove that Elijah’s God was the true God, he summoned down fire from heaven. Real fire! The King and all his men were amazed!
God then sent the rain back on Elijah’s cue.
After defeating a lot of baddies, God sent a chariot of fire to take Elijah up to heaven.

What a crazy and super life Elijah lived!
It probably makes us feel quite ordinary, doesn’t it? Or maybe it scares us, to think about standing up to baddies and doing brave things for God! But Elijah was ordinary too! But how did he do all this if he was ordinary? What was his superpower?

Well, we know from the Bible that it was God’s power that was working inside of him. All he did was to be obedient to God, and God did the rest. God gave him the bravery he needed to help an entire nation be free from an evil King.

And God is still as powerful today as he was then.

What does that mean for us? It means that we can have access to this power! Because of Jesus’ love for us in dying for us, we can be friends with God and we can hear what he asks us to do through his spirit. That means God might send us on a mission – us! Even though we’re ordinary, God will still ask us to do extraordinary things for him.

There are a lot of problems that need solving in our world. A lot of people who need help. There are people who are sick and poor and hungry. There are wars, there is evil and suffering, there are Christians who hated just for believing Jesus.

Are you ready to be super for God? Are you willing to notice the need and step out and do something super, using God’s power? Do you know that the King of All the Universe is on your side and giving you the strength you need to do anything? And what’s more, he needs men, women, boys and girls to be his superheroes here on earth. Our world is not perfect, and one of the ways God uses to make a change is to send us.

Now, I’m going to finish with a poem, to recap what I’ve been talking about. I want you to think about how you could be super for God and what situations you could make a difference in, and what you could be when you grow up if you follow God’s call… He is calling all of us to make a difference and to be super for him.

I’m ordinary, just like you
I can’t fly, or jump very high
Or leap through flaming hoops
I sometimes think
It’s as if I’m not there
I can’t make a difference
If I try, no-one cares…

But there may be one thing
I have on my side
I know the One God
Who created the skies
If he’s helping me,
There’s nothing I can’t do
I could change the whole world
I could be someone new.

You see, God didn’t make me
To be boring and scared
He made me to be brave
And show others that He cares
His strength inside me
Helps me to grow
He gives me more courage
So others can know:

His love in their loneliness
His peace in their pain
His help in their troubles
His shelter when it rains

He sends me on his mission
To be a super person for him
He gives me his super power
The Holy Spirit that lives within

So if you’re feeling ordinary
Like you’re stuck just as you are
Remember the man we learned about
This story of Elijah

He wasn’t anything special
But God used him to make a change
And now he’ll be remembered
Until the very end of the age

Ask God to give you a courageous heart
To summon up his courage,
That’s all you’ll need to start
You could make a difference to our world and situation
You could be used by God to bless an entire nation.