During the summer, we’re privileged to be welcoming guest preachers from our Commission family to speak at our 11am Sunday morning services.

We love being on an adventure with this group of churches, and I’m excited that Chapel will be hearing from these four excellent speakers, as they unpack the background and story of the movement of churches we’re a part of and catch us up in its bigger vision.

On the 5th August, Guy Miller will be preaching and sharing Commission’s story and vision.

On the 12th August, Mick ‚ÄčTaylor will share its core doctrinal foundations.

On 19th August, Malcolm Kayes will speak on Commission’s central leadership values.

We will be closed on 26th August for Westpoint.

And on the 2nd September, Michael Shore will take us through its mission; locally and to the nations.

My prayer is that as a church, we will not just be informed, but that our hearts will be warmed and we’ll be inspired to sacrificially play our part.

Whether you’re a regular, or just looking in over your summer holiday, we’d love to see you at church!

But hold on a minute, what’s with the elephants in the image…?

Many years ago a very significant prophetic word was given, that impacted Newfrontiers, and underpins Commission to this day. It was a clear image¬†an African savannah type land with tall grass, bushes and stunted trees. A large herd of elephants was seen pressing through this virgin savannah. They were walking a few meters apart from one another and as a herd (not in a line). Where each elephant walked they had to push through the bush and trampled it down leaving a beaten path. God was sensed to be saying ‘the herd is this group of churches’ (subsequently to be called ‘Newfrontiers’ out of the process the prophecy started). God went on to say: there are no well worn paths ahead of you. I am calling you to push through deep undergrowth and create beaten tracks in which others can follow. But you are not to do this in isolation from one another, you are a family or community of churches, walk together and in the same direction.

The phrases “no well worn paths” and “we can do more together than we can apart” were born.

We are a part of Commission because we believe we can do more together than we can apart.

We’re excited to play our part in London, one of the gathering number of elephants, churches working together in the city to see thousands of lives transformed, hundreds of churches started and tens of nations reached.