The World’s True King | Christ and Government | Matthew 22:15-22

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During Roman rule and ever since, Christians have struggled with the question of how the authority of Jesus (and the church) relates to government. The enemies of Jesus were teaming up here to try and cause him to stumble on this topic. Their question introduced a dilemma between committing treason or rejecting God – whatever the outcome, they thought it would trap him and ruin his reputation. But unlike the Pharisees and Herodians, Jesus did not fear government and so gave a response that has a set a world changing principle ever since. As Christians we are to put God first and then by recognising his overriding authority above all rulers, give according respect and submission to the worldly state. God is not in competition with anyone, he has utter rule and reign over everything.


Do you give more to Caesar than to God?
Do you recognise God as having ultimate authority over every government and rule?