This is not so much a review, as a recommendation.

I recently ordered a copy of a brand new album by Chris Haines, entitled But God. From the moment I started listening I was repeatedly surprised by just how good this album is. The music is outstanding, the lyrics deeply scriptural, the overall impact uplifting and edifying.

This was all the more surprising because Chris is a friend, and I had no idea he was this good. We went to school together, and I recall the days of chastising him for his language (now thoroughly sanctified). I also remember this slightly chubby child strumming away at his electric guitar in music classes, little knowing his skills would develop to this extent.

This album is moving, and to listen to it is to experience a spiritual journey. I think it has been quite some time since I’ve heard a worship album that feels so original and refreshing, and yet also so old in that it is largely a weaving together of Biblical ideas and phraseology. Haines describes the album in a way that captures it very well: ‘Melodies from my head, words found in a book.’

You can get a taste of it by listening to the samples on the But God website.