On Sunday, 18th March 2018 we had our first ever Vision & Giving Sunday for our building project. It was fantastic: there was a real sense of joy, freedom and God’s blessing on us – people shouting out in worship, and so many giving in worship toward Phase 1 of our building project, which aims to better align our premises with our vision to see hundreds of lives transformed.

Phase 1 of our building project is about opening up and enlarging the Chapel’s main entrance for ministry and making the Auditorium a more flexible and engaging worship space. It’s about:

Visibility: letting people clearly see the joy and life inside (rather than appearing to be closed throughout the week).

Hospitality: becoming one of the most welcoming places in London, demystifying church.

Accessibility: removing obstacles and barriers that stop or reduce people from encountering God and enjoying church, from wheelchair users to parents with prams.

Thank you for giving so generously. We released a fragrant offering to the Lord (just like Mary of Bethany, John 12:1-8) that I believe He was pleased with – and joined Him in taking ground for the gospel, and I believe it will go down in the history of the Chapel as a day of breakthrough – God’s people tangibly trusting Him more to see His Kingdom come.

You can catch the message here.

I am delighted to announce that the total given or pledged has now come to an astonishing [drumroll, please] £241,400… and this continues to rise. Our aim was to raise £250,000 from our first Giving Day, so we are very, very nearly there. Praise God!

UPDATE: May 2018 we reached our £250,000 goal, and the number is slowly rising. Thanks so much to all who gave, and please remember to redeem your pledge if you haven’t already.

I personally feel overwhelmed and inspired by our congregation’s generosity and full of anticipation of how God is going to use this to reach the people of London with the hope of the gospel. Thank you for breaking the ‘vase’: may God release a mighty aroma of His love through your giving (if that didn’t make sense, please listen to Sunday’s message).

Here’s a video showing what God-willing *could* happen to the Chapel:

I didn’t have time to mention in the message on Sunday but it’s encouraging to know that our building project is in line with our church’s inspiring (human) founding pastor, Rev. Samuel Martin’s, vision. This is what he said in a message called, “The Responsibility of a Church Towards its Neighbourhood.” For someone writing a century ago, I found his words particularly poignant:

“[People] may be disposed to Christianity by the inviting aspect of the public worship and ministry of a church. The building in which Christians meet is of some importance. It should accord, in style and in dimensions, with the character and with the population of a neighbourhood. It should be pleasant to the eye, and commodious, so as to say to the people of a district, ‘Come in….’”

“Sufficient light and air, and all that can render our places of worship attractive, should also be provided. Alas! The children of this world are wiser in their generation than the children of light. The theatre, the shop, the gin-palace, are made attractive, and men have themselves dwelt in ceiled houses, but God’s house has often been suffered to lie waste… If there be music, it should be the best that can be obtained; … then men, seeing us give our best to Christ, will inquire, ‘Who is this that commands the strength of our neighbours?’ And they will come to us, saying, “Sirs, we would see Jesus.””

This church was founded to lovingly serve its community, and we believe we are bringing the Chapel back in line with its original purpose. We are not making changes for the sake of it. As Martin goes on to say, “Souls converted and educated are our crown, and the extension of Christ’s kingdom is our reward.” Amen. May our building project help us to achieve our vision of hundreds of lives transformed.

So if you can give and haven’t done so, maybe you were a member of Chapel some years back, or perhaps you just like the vision, please listen to the message, seek God and be faithful. It would be wonderful to see the additional £9,000 come through and for us to reach our target (ways to give are below).

If you’ve already given/pledged, thank you so much again for playing your part. I pray God will pour out His abundance on you in the coming weeks and months and bless you in ways you couldn’t foresee for your faith step (like Mary of Bethany).


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