“They that pray in the family do well; they that pray and read the Scriptures do better; but they that pray, and read, and sing do best of all.” Matthew Henry

Mr Cow

Mr Cow - Julia Plaut

With so many little ones being born and on the way at the Chapel, I just wanted to take a few words to recommend a resource that new and young families might want to use with their tots for times of family worship.

We first came to know of this CD when it was used by the excellent toddlers group that was put on during the mornings at the Grapevine International Celebration last year.

“Mr Cow”, from Julia Plaut, includes wonderful arrangements with beautiful classical instrumentation. The songs are really fun and ideally written for pre-school kids to clap, dance, sing along to – Mum and Dad will even find themselves walking around with the songs in their head all day!

Why not browse over to the Kingsway Shop and listen to some of the sample tracks right now.

Does the phrase “family worship” fill you with dread? It certainly did me, and all the more so as we have, rather sporadically I must admit, set out on a journey to purposefully spend time together as a family to not only pray but also read scripture out loud and enjoy singing songs together.

At times I must say that I have found myself asking if it is worth all the effort with the boys being so young, yet at heart I am convinced that as a family we need to set a pattern for worshipping God together and it is here that I am so thankful for such great resources as “Mr Cow”.

For us times of family worship have not meant our little lads sitting around quietly meditating on the word of God, or like little angels singing in perfect harmony, memorising the PsalmsĀ orĀ reciting creeds – far from it!

A typical session might include Daddy being whacked around the face by a shaker or repeatedly assaulted with a beater from a drum that was put out to encourage the boys in musical expression of their praise, Gideon trying to play a cookie in the DVD player, Josiah deciding to bring a shout offering in the form of “No Cow! No Cow! Noooooooooooooo Cow!”, Mummy left as the only one dancing in the middle of the room whilst “no rules” wrestling breaks out with toddlers flying in from all directions to see just how bouncy Daddy’s head actually is!

How different this looks to our times of corporate worship on a Sunday morning! But this is all fun and that is what our worship is to be as we come as children of God to enjoy his presence. Still amidst the chaos – there are times when the boys do want to engage, to dance, clap or even join in with the singing, even join in saying thank you to Jesus for various people and things….with “Atcho Jeees, Uncle Chris” being a favourite of Josiah’s. And those times are well worth pushing through to – even at the expense of a broken DVD player – they are so precious!

So for those of us with young families and with children on the way, I’d thoroughly recommend that we look to increasingly get into the habit of spending time in worship as families – although a lot of effort early on, I am convinced these times will create important memories for our children and at the same time help them to see that worshipping God is fun whilst teaching them the language of gratitude for all the blessings that have been poured out on us.

So yep, “Mr Cow”; great fun! It comes with a Thorneycroft household seal of approval despite the cries of “No Cow! No Cow! Noooooooooooooo Cow!”