We’re keen for a good number of us to attend Westpoint, the Bible conference Commission run for their partner churches in Exeter in August this year, 21-25 August. BOOK NOW via this link.

Mike ReevesPhil MooreDonnie Griggs and Guy Miller, amongst others, will be speaking on the theme ‘Faith Matters’.

Last Year

Last year about 30 Chapel folk went and had a great time:

“The best thing about the week was the atmosphere, a place: where God was powerfully moving and where you could easily meet with Him; where the gifts of the Spirit were actively sought; where the Word of God was preached with Spirit authority; and where vision for God’s church was modeled in excellent community.” (Ben Hodgson)

“I really enjoyed Westpoint! In addition to the worship, seminars and teaching sessions, I was particularly blessed by the sense of belonging and family with the fellow members at Chapel as we camped, cooked and shared in the kitchen tent, ate, played and prayed together! It was wonderful! My family and I are definitely looking forward to go again!” (Biola Akinyose)

“Getting a heart for what the wider church is up to and camping with Chapel people, incredible talks and great worship were some of the highlights…It felt incredible to be part of a big network of churches with a common mission. Praying with people from other churches gave me a real sense that we are part of Christ’s family.” (Eugene Chiam)

This Year

If you’d like to go please book through the Westpoint website; prices go up on 25 March.

We plan to hire a large marquee and provide hot water / refreshments throughout the weekend.

Once booked, Chris Hymers will email you with a camping info pack. This will include:
– Where to hire a tent from (Approx. £22 per person, based on 4 sharing)
– How to reserve a space on the coach (Approx. £40 per person)
– Use of large marquees & hot evening meals (inc. chairs, tables, washing up & evening activities) (Approx. £30 per person)

We intend for our young people to have a separate youth area, adjacent to the Chapel site, with their own marquee, tent accommodation and all meals provided, as per Newday (since we’ll focus all our resources on Westpoint, not Newday this year).