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Happy New Year!

Howard Satterthwaite

Happy New Year! But will it be, happy that is? For my part, I'm approaching it with great excitement and expectancy. Sure, I don't know what's around the corner, what trials I, my family and church could face but I...

Resolved to Read #bity

Howard Satterthwaite

This article follows on from a sermon I preached last Sunday. As we approach the New Year, news services suggest making resolutions that can change your life, from smiling more, maintaining a health and fitness regime, getting enough sleep, to even...

The Jonah Commission - Day Thirty-One

Greg Haslam

Day 31. A TASTE OF OUR OWN MEDICINE Read Jonah 4:4-8. Watch Jonah as he sits, sulks, and sweats in the sun while he watches and waits for ‘the end of the world’ in Assyria. He has a front-row, complementary seat...

The Jonah Commission - Day Thirty-Two

Greg Haslam

Day 32. WHEN YOU’RE UPSET ABOUT A VINE Read Jonah 4:9-11. Again, Jonah wants to die. We could call it ‘DEATH WISH 2’. Jonah is ‘gutted’! He cares more about himself than he cares for 600,000 people in Nineveh. Like Soviet...

The Jonah Commission - Day Thirty

Greg Haslam

Day 30. JONAH’S ‘HISSY-FIT’ WITH GOD!  Read Jonah 4:1-2 ‘I just knew it!’ hissed Jonah, through clenched, grinding teeth. He had suspected from the start that all this would only serve to allow God to show his clemency. He even quotes...

The Jonah Commission - Day Twenty-Nine

Greg Haslam

Day 29. FURTHER WAVES OF REVIVAL  Read Jonah 3:6-10. History records many astonishing effects of a genuine move of God in many times and places, Revivals change individuals, families, neighbourhoods, prisons, addicts, governments. It involved deep humility before God (v.6), in an...

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