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The Good Book?

Howard Satterthwaite

In January, we start our new sermon series, which we're calling The Good Book. We'll be asking whether the world’s most popular, bestselling book (the Bible) is good or grotesque? Is it worth reading, or maybe even making reading it one...

God's Blueprint for Human Happiness

Howard Satterthwaite

Having just finished our amazing Still Knowing series, on making time to be with God, this Sunday at Westminster Chapel we'll be starting a new 8-week conversation on 'FLOURISHING': becoming like God and his Son, Jesus. Time Magazine once called Jesus, “The most...

Still Knowing: Sabbath and Solitude

Howard Satterthwaite

As a follow up to the last Still Knowing post and the first message in this series, here are some more resources you might find helpful. Putting Sabbath and Solitude & Silence into practice can be challenging. The folks at Bridgetown...

Still Knowing: Finding Rest in the Busyness of Life

Howard Satterthwaite

Psalm 46:10 says, “Be still, and know that I am God”. "Be Still." Sounds wonderful, doesn't it? But in our daily lives, how many of us manage to actually put this into practice? I know that personally, I struggle to rest. I’m addicted to accomplishment;...

Commission: We Can Do More Together

Howard Satterthwaite

During the summer, we're privileged to be welcoming guest preachers from our Commission family to speak at our 11am Sunday morning services. We love being on an adventure with this group of churches, and I'm excited that Chapel will be hearing...

Freedom Epilogue

Howard Satterthwaite

We've just finished a 9-week conversation on freedom based on Paul's first century letter, Galatians. For me, it's been a powerful time to silence the bullying voice of Law in all its forms and rest in the perfect, finished work of...

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