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Praise God!

Howard Satterthwaite

We want to thank God and praise him for the amazing building project offering. If you've been following the blog you'll know that our heart is to make the premises God has given us more accessible, hospitable and visible. We feel...

Blessing in the Valley

Howard Satterthwaite

A few weeks back I preached a sermon on Ephesians 3:1-6 in our current series, Hope Embodied. A key part of the message was persevering through suffering "For this reason" (3:1) featuring lyrics of the Delirious song, Find Me In...

Rescue Centre

Howard Satterthwaite

We are seeking to put a visible, hospitable, accessible, reaching out, welcoming and drawing in, front space, that we can build community and do mission from that’s open throughout the week. Right. At. The. Front. Of. Our. Building. Where hundreds,...

Opening Up

Howard Satterthwaite

For many years, going back at least as far as the minister John Henry Jowett, in the 1920s, people at Westminster Chapel have wanted to transform our premises. At one point, Reverend Glyn Owen wrote to the church seeking agreement to...


Howard Satterthwaite

Today is the one year anniversary of the World Health Organisation declaring COVID-19 a global pandemic. It is a moment to grieve and lament lost life and great suffering, all around the world. We don't want to diminish that in...

Honouring Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Howard Satterthwaite

Today is 40 years since the great Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones was promoted to glory. His impact was massive at Westminster Chapel and around the world through his outstanding logic on fire preaching. How can we honour his legacy? I believe...

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