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The day I realised I was racist

Howard Satterthwaite

I was leading a service and mentioned William Wilberforce, key player in the abolition of the slave trade, as an example for us to follow. A black lady very politely came to speak to me at the end of the...

7 Day Anxiety Detox - Day #7

Howard Satterthwaite

We've learned with Elijah, we learned from Jesus, in this final post, we're listening to what the great Apostle Paul has to say about managing anxiety. He should know a thing or two. He was physically beaten many times, shipwrecked,...

7 Day Anxiety Detox - Day #6

Howard Satterthwaite

How are you doing? Is your anxiety getting better? I hope so; as I write this blog I'm praying for you dear reader to experience the peace that surpasses understanding. A quick recap by way of questions: Are you resting physically, getting...

When Plagues Come

Howard Satterthwaite

Many of us are scared. The coronavirus is killing people and it will kill more. We must take precautions. We, for example, following the latest government advice, will be moving to our Level 4 response this Sunday, only opening up...

It is Well?

Howard Satterthwaite

In this age of digital distraction it's hard to find time to do what matters most: care for your soul. In this short series we'll be tackling the toxic fumes of greed and grief, which can sicken and suffocate your soul. Make...

3D Church

Howard Satterthwaite

Have you ever noticed how our Western culture's obsession with individualism results in conformity? We succumb to the pressure to look the same; from fashion to plastic surgery. We like to talk about the same things, like the latest series of Killing Eve, whilst hanging out...

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