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It is Well?

Howard Satterthwaite

In this age of digital distraction it's hard to find time to do what matters most: care for your soul. In this short series we'll be tackling the toxic fumes of greed and grief, which can sicken and suffocate your soul. Make...

3D Church

Howard Satterthwaite

Have you ever noticed how our Western culture's obsession with individualism results in conformity? We succumb to the pressure to look the same; from fashion to plastic surgery. We like to talk about the same things, like the latest series of Killing Eve, whilst hanging out...

Tributes to two dearly loved members

Westminster Chapel

In April 2019 we lost two very treasured members of our church. In Jesus' teaching there is incredible hope for all who have died believing in Him. They will certainly be with Him in heaven now, and are looking forward...

Step by Step

Westminster Chapel

Today's guest post is by Kieran Grogan. I went for a walk last Tuesday for two hours in the pouring rain. I wanted to spend some special time alone with God in a way many would see as a little extreme. I...

Detoxing Anxiety Part 2: The Bible Can Actually Help!

Howard Satterthwaite

One of my go-to passages in the Bible on anxiety is Matthew Chapter 6. Even critics credit Jesus as saying some amazing things, and here are some of his finest teachings summarised. The theme of anxiety, which begins in verse 25...

Forgotten Again?

Howard Satterthwaite

I will never forget the day I stood listening in disbelief, hearing for the first time the story of a Rwandan genocide survivor. But what I will never forget, I fear is already being forgotten. We live in a world that's...

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