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God Cares About...

Howard Satterthwaite

Does God care? That's the name of the latest series we're running, starting this Sunday, 30th June. It's an important question, one that's been asked from the dawn of time, "Is He there, and does He care?" We say yes, and passionately!...

Science, the Bible, Creation and Evolution

Howard Satterthwaite

Last Sunday we heard a helpful message concluding that science is indeed reconcilable with the Bible (and vice versa). In fact, its Author is the Lord of science, and the very framework within which science operates - its laws - originate...

God Gave Us Two Ears for a Reason!

Andy Mehigan

Over the last few weeks I have had the gospel preached to me twice. The funny thing is, the preacher on both occasions was a non-Christian! If you’re anything like me, you’ll often fall into the trap of thinking that the...

Doctrine of Scripture | Post 1 of 3

Andy Mehigan

It is at the top of our list of values, it is boldly stated on Sundays, it forms the basis of our Life Group series and is the foundation of our pastoral and counselling services. It is also the reason...

Mythbusters Results

Howard Satterthwaite

With our Mythbusters series soon to finish we thought it's about time the survey results were released. With nearly 250 responses from online surveys and conversations with people in the streets of Westminster, here's the top ten, beginning with the...

What is Greatness?

Howard Satterthwaite

Last Saturday we went out on the streets of Westminster talking to people about Jesus. After giving directions to a guy asking for help to find Green Park station I got into an interesting conversation with him, a Muslim it turned...

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