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2018 Chapel Highlights

Rebecca Tan

Happy Almost 2019! At yesterday's service, Andy shared the importance of thanksgiving and we gave thanks to God for a wonderful year. Many of our church came to the front to give testimony to God's faithfulness during 2018: it was pretty emotional,...

Film Fridays 2/5: The Monuments Men

Howard Satterthwaite

The next installment in our Film Fridays series comes from Mike Shore…, who is actually getting married tomorrow! Hooray! Oh, and just a reminder, the post with the most likes/comments on Facebook, shares on Twitter, and clicks in general wins its...

Forgiving God?

Westminster Chapel

Posted below is a vital and thought-provoking article written by Michael Eaton concerning Dr RT Kendall’s latest book which is controversially entitled ‘Totally Forgiving God’ – a provocative idea since most theologically aware readers might be shocked at the very idea...

Just do something

Westminster Chapel

There can be a kind of agony in figuring out what decisions to make in life, whilst desiring to walk in the will of God. You know you have limited time on this earth and you don't want to mess...

'But God', the album

Westminster Chapel

This is not so much a review, as a recommendation. I recently ordered a copy of a brand new album by Chris Haines, entitled But God. From the moment I started listening I was repeatedly surprised by just how good this...

'Basic Christianity' by John Stott

Westminster Chapel

The title of this book will be off-putting to many, and attractive to some. I wouldn't usually pick up a book like this, because I would assume that if it's 'basic' it can't be that interesting. After all, I've been...

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