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Detox: Start afresh this 2018

Howard Satterthwaite

Our New Year DETOX series will tackle the biggest and most toxic issues Londoners are facing. A few months ago we ran a survey to find out what the main struggles people face today are. Our goal is to apply...

The Originals

Howard Satterthwaite

All of us have succumbed to some form of superficiality. We amass deceptively long lists of Facebook friends, we subscribe to shallow explanations for the meaning of life and we make our existence largely about our own personal happiness and success. However...

Ten Lessons I've Learned From Being Slightly Poorer

Rebecca Tan

Late last year, my husband quit his job to start out in the exciting and uncertain world of freelancing. It was a real leap of faith, but one which we are seeing God honour, as, slowly but surely, work is...

Westminster Chapel Launches Life-Saving Service for People in Debt

Westminster Chapel

Download the Full Press Release Here New CAP Centre in Heart of Capital Gives Hope for Struggling Families As we head into the winter months, when fuel bills rise and Christmas costs start to stack up, one Central London church is taking...

Acts Life Group Study 7/8 | Radical Generosity

Westminster Chapel

SCRIPTURE Read and study Acts 4:32-5:11. INTRODUCTION Todd had been a drug addict and atheist for 22 years, but in 2004 was radically set free. Todd's eyes had been opened to the truth that the Holy Spirit wanted to flow through every believer,...

Foodbank Needs Your Help This Christmas!

Westminster Chapel

Hi Everyone! As we approach Christmas we wanted to make aware to you the Westminster Foodbank and the needs of our capital. We are a part of the Trussell Trust Foodbank network which operates across the UK and our offices are located...

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