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When Plagues Come

Howard Satterthwaite

Many of us are scared. The coronavirus is killing people and it will kill more. We must take precautions. We, for example, following the latest government advice, will be moving to our Level 4 response this Sunday, only opening up...

Is A New-Monasticism Needed?

Howard Satterthwaite

A call to a new-monasticism particularly for millennials [the largest generation demographic in London - who influence every generation]: In this age of distraction, many feel exhausted by the smorgasbord of options and competing voices demanding our attention - ("You could have...

Leadership is Succession

Howard Satterthwaite

This is post 7/7 in a series of posts on Leadership. One of the encouragements I was given when I was working overseas in a mission context was to work so as to do myself out of a job. What they...

Leadership is Change

Howard Satterthwaite

This is post 6/7 in a series on Leadership. Leadership involves leading change. But some people will find change hard. Change is a word that strikes fear in the hearts of many. But at the heart of the good news we...

Leadership is Discipleship

Howard Satterthwaite

This is post 5/7 in a series on Leadership. As we get started with our fifth principle, imagine you’re sitting with Jesus in a boat on the Sea of Galilee and you ask him how He measures ‘success’ for your life...

Leadership is Discipline

Howard Satterthwaite

This is post 4/7 in a series on Leadership. ======= The foundation of leadership, we said in the last blog, is character. Leaders need strong foundations, deep roots, so that when their tree is shaken, their ministry doesn’t fall because of weak...

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