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Getting to Grips With God’s Concern for Cities

Howard Satterthwaite

We're beginning a series of blogs on getting serious about loving the city, and particularly, since it's our context; London. Right now, the inner city of London especially I believe needs more Christians to commit to stay to see London and the...

Third Day Hope

Howard Satterthwaite

When I was at secondary school we had an Irish sports teacher who had an interesting way of saying say 'third'. It caused much amusement when she lined us up; you in the first lane, you in the second, you...

Job Vacancies: Premises Team

Westminster Chapel

We are looking to fill two vitally important gaps on our Premises Team. For more information, click on the job descriptions below. You can apply for either role by filling in the Application Form and emailing it to [email protected] We will also...

Detoxing Porn 3: Roots: The Problem(s) Beneath the Surface

Howard Satterthwaite

A few years ago I had an intense pain just below my ear. Initially I thought it was ear ache but that checked out fine. Then I thought maybe it’s my jaw. A doctor agreed and said I would need...

Detoxing Porn 2: Reality: The Truth Behind the Fantasy

Howard Satterthwaite

This is going to be painful reading, particularly for those caught in pornography’s clutches, who are hurting and confused. Why can’t I beat this? you might be thinking. As the battle wages on and the losses pile higher, people fighting...

Detoxing Porn 1: Resistance Isn't Futile

Howard Satterthwaite

The Borg are not real. That's painful for a sci-fi fan to admit. 'Resistance is futile' the Borg strapline, however, is becoming the 'life verse' for many I've encountered who struggle with porn. This life-sucking menace becomes tolerated as normal....

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