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Introduction | Spirit-Filled Church Life Group Series

Howard Satterthwaite

What is the most urgent need of the church in London today? Is it integrity and generosity with our finances? Is it social action amongst the urban poor? Is it disciplined Biblical thinking: more Bible colleges and expository preaching? Or...


Greg Haslam

Pete, the leader of our Students & Twenties group asked me to put together a simple article on Baptism in the Holy Spirit, for the benefit of Chapel's young people, and in response to some questions he'd been receiving. I've gathered...

London's Spiritual History - An Exhibition

Rebecca Tan

The 2012 Olympics in London provided a massive opportunity for the church to ride the crest of a wave of good feeling, community spirit, and a sense of celebration. As millions visited our capital city, the streets became packed with...

Biographical Video of Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Andrew Haslam

The MLJ Recordings Trust has created a biographical video about Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones, once the minister here at Westminster Chapel. Enjoy...

Free Audio Archive of Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Andrew Haslam

The board of the Martyn Lloyd-Jones Trust has made an excellent decision in offering, from tomorrow, the archive of Lloyd-Jones' preaching for free online. This is an amazing development, and a very exciting one, since it will open up the...

Two videos of Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Andrew Haslam

As a preacher I would pay any kind of money for the opportunity to hear and see some of the great heroes of our faith whose preaching predated the advent of recording. One example is Spurgeon. Although the necessary equipment...

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