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Howard Satterthwaite

Journeying “after God’s own heart” through prayer 26th January – 15th March 2020 On 26th January we begin a new journey together on Sunday mornings; a series which we're calling 'Heartcry'. Heartcry was conceived from a desire to become more intimate with God...

God Calls You Out in 2019

Howard Satterthwaite

I was asked to type up what I shared from my journal at our recent church prayer meeting last week. This is what God's put on my heart for us for 2019. It comes from Jesus walking on the water, particularly...

Thoughts On My Internship Year & Impact Training

Guest Blogger

Being an Intern has included lots of great experiences and challenges throughout the year. I was an Intern at Westminster Chapel in London and my duties were mainly Foodbank, admin and kids work. Alongside the church stuff, I also travelled to Bristol every...

Acts Life Group Study 1/8 | Waiting Expectantly

Westminster Chapel

This is the first of an eight part series of Life (Small) Group studies, complementing our morning service preaching series, calling the church to action, to let the spiritual rubber hit the road and share the gospel with Holy Spirit...

Recap; The Presence of the Lord

Westminster Chapel

Miscellaneous | Psalm 16 | The Presence of the Lord So often in life, especially during hard times, we forget one of the sweetest truths about God - He is always with us. Summary: David finds his strength and joy in the presence of...

Recap; World's True King - Failing to See Jesus

Westminster Chapel

The World’s True King | Failing to see Jesus | Matthew 26: 31-35 & 26:69-75 Looking at Peter’s denial of Jesus, what valuable lessons can we learn to help us fully experience the love and devotion of the World's True King? Listen...

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