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Howard Satterthwaite

This Sunday we start a new, nine-week conversation about freedom, based on a first century letter (Galatians) a transformed murderer called Paul wrote to a group of churches in what is now Southern Turkey (then known as Galatia). We've called the...

Service Changes

Howard Satterthwaite

As a church we're constantly seeking to hear from God to change whatever He wants transformed to better serve His purposes. We don't believe in 'sacred cows' here. It's with that in mind we've felt called to make an exciting...

Thoughts On My Internship Year & Impact Training

Guest Blogger

Being an Intern has included lots of great experiences and challenges throughout the year. I was an Intern at Westminster Chapel in London and my duties were mainly Foodbank, admin and kids work. Alongside the church stuff, I also travelled to Bristol every...

Acts Life Group Studies

Howard Satterthwaite

Hey church, here are the Life Group studies for the current morning service series on the book of Acts. Thanks so much to Josh Harvey, Dan Skead, Charles Kasenene, Andy Coleman, Andy Mehigan, Heni Gyori and Becci Tan for help writing...

Acts Life Group Study 7/8 | Radical Generosity

Westminster Chapel

SCRIPTURE Read and study Acts 4:32-5:11. INTRODUCTION Todd had been a drug addict and atheist for 22 years, but in 2004 was radically set free. Todd's eyes had been opened to the truth that the Holy Spirit wanted to flow through every believer,...

Acts Life Group Study 6/8 | Powerful Prayer

Westminster Chapel

SCRIPTURE Study Acts 4:23-31. Listen to the accompanying sermon here. INTRODUCTION  Mary is a nurse. Three weeks ago she was suspended without pay for asking a patient whether she would like to be prayed for. She was suspended by her Primary Care Trust...

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