On 11th Feb​ruary – this Sunday -​ we’re starting a new series, following in the footsteps of Outflow, Fruitfulness on the Frontline and the iWitness Course, to continue to encourage and equip us to be everyday witnesses to Jesus.

B.L.E.S.S. stands for​:

Begin with Prayer

It’s a powerful initiative that’s bearing fruit and gaining momentum around the world – we hope it will help us reach many​ many​ more people for Christ.

If you have an encouraging testimony on any one of these five points​,​ please let us know – we’re eager to share lots of stories to stir us to keep mission a priority – and we know a lot of you are already great at being good news to your neighbours!

During this series we’ll also be joining in with Stewardship’s 40acts throughout Lent, giving us great ideas every day we can put into practice to bless the people around us and live generously.

Along with thousands of people all over the country, those who sign up for 40Acts will receive an email every morning containing a reading, a testimony, a prayer and a challenge for that day. You can respond to this challenge however God leads you (remember to pray first!). Let us know how it goes, by using #40acts and tagging Westminster Chapel on FacebookTwitter or Instagram

Forget giving up chocolate or carbs; why not take up the 40acts challenge?! This all kicks off on Wednesday, 14th February, so remember to sign up before then (p.s. don’t miss our Prayer Meeting that night)!

As Dan urged us on Sunday – we serve a God who ate and drank with tax collectors, and gave hope to society’s loneliest. We want to be a church that B.L.E.S.S.es people with God’s love and sees many come to know him and brought into his family.

Join us on this journey over the next five weeks!