The title of this book will be off-putting to many, and attractive to some. I wouldn’t usually pick up a book like this, because I would assume that if it’s ‘basic’ it can’t be that interesting. After all, I’ve been going to church for 27 years. But I decided to use it as a tool in helping a guy at church get a clearer understanding of the Gospel. I soon discovered that this is an exceptional book that everyone should read.

Although the title might be off-putting to many who, like me, assume they’re clear on the basics, behind the cover there lies a stimulating and compelling case that will provoke and excite you. This book is a must read for every Christian who (a) wants a clearer understanding of why they believe, and (b) wants to be better equipped to explain their faith to others.

Sadly, many Christians struggle to make anything approaching a reasonable case for Christianity when in conversation with an enquirer. It is not always easy to think on the spot and to find a line of argument that makes sense. If someone asked you, How do you know that Jesus is the Son of God? would you be able to respond articulately, concisely, and persuasively? This book will help. It gets right to the point.

This book is also the perfect resource to drop into the hands of someone investigating the Christian faith. They won’t be confused, and they may well be utterly compelled.

Stott wrote Basic Christianity back in the ’50s and the fact that it is still being printed is a testament to its enduring qualities. This is a true classic. Buy a copy for yourself, and several more for your friends.