When I first arrived at the Chapel nearly 10 years ago, the man who made me feel welcome here was Nick Reynolds. Over the next few years we lost count of the number of people who told us that the reason they stayed at the Chapel was because Nick had welcomed them.

Not only did Nick exercise a kind of super-host function, but he also served for many, many years on our PA team (i.e. sound and visuals). I used to play on the worship team, and it was always a joy having Nick on the desk at the back because he’d turn up early, smiling, chirpy, and ready to rock and roll.

Nick has recently left us to go to a more local church (he lives about three day’s journey away, somewhere between the Chapel and Mordor). It seemed appropriate to say a huge thank you (from myself, and the rest of the Leadership Team) for his years of service, and the fact that he welcomed so many new people into our church family. We’ll miss you, Nick!