Happy Almost 2019!

At yesterday’s service, Andy shared the importance of thanksgiving and we gave thanks to God for a wonderful year. Many of our church came to the front to give testimony to God’s faithfulness during 2018: it was pretty emotional, and very encouraging. Howard shared his hopes for the year ahead.

As well as reflecting on our individual stories, we took time to reflect on what God has done in our church as a whole – the body of Christ at Westminster Chapel. It’s a pretty long list, from a jam-packed year, so I was asked to condense it into a poem – here it is, for those who missed it.


2018 at Westminster Chapel
The country engaged in a Brexit battle
Meghan Markle sparkled her way down the aisle
And Southgate’s waistcoats made us all smile

But for our lovely London community
This was a year of growth that brought great unity
This is the story of the year from our perspective
Cast your mind back, as we get all reflective…

We started the year with the DETOX series
Overcoming the things that pull us away from Jesus
Closely followed by our new elder Dan
And a new marriage course to strengthen our fams

In February we launched BLESS, to help us express
Our love for Jesus: the hope we profess
We liked it so much, we added it to our vision
But that’s later on… in my spoken word revision

March was pretty cool – our women’s team wrote blogs
And our iWitness course helped us share God’s love
Our Vision and Giving Day was hugely encouraging
As we pledged a whopping amount towards the building

Yes, this is the project to improve our premises
Which went from just an idea, to pages of sketches
Then from just sketches, to a full planning application
This is actually happening, guys – we better get saving!

April included our Easter events
And over 300 attended, including many guests
What a joy it was to share about our Saviour
And see many respond to this Live Transformation

Are you keeping up? Is your memory hazy?
We’re halfway through – please do stay with me!
Let’s pick up the pace as we do the next segment
I know most of you want to go back home to your Christmas presents

Expectant prayer taught us how to pray
And who can forget the Getaway
At the women’s brekkie tasty food was munched
We started prayer and praise after Sunday lunch

Our Series in Galatians with the headless dove
Flew us smoothly in to our Summer of Fun
This makes me nostalgic for sunshine in London
And for those days when we didn’t need the heating on

But back to my round up of this year’s snippets
Lunch in the park, tug of war and picnics
Millbank Estate for our ATOM team weekend
Building connections and making new friends

Culminating in a super fun party on the street
Music and fun and some tasty bites to eat
I think I’ve mentioned food quite a lot in this rhyme
I’m bracing myself for a couple day’s time
When the new years resolutions start to appear
That reminds me: of course; Bible in Two Years

In August we welcomed Commission guests
And packed up our bags and headed out West
Westpoint was epic for good and bad reasons
If you don’t know the bad, have a word with the Mehigans

After August, September, then through to December
The busiest months and a lot to remember
The Still Knowing series helped us all to find rest
We recruited two interns and they’re just the best

In October we launched our new vision thing
A witnessing church and a church worth witnessing
We then looked at the Beatitudes – which we called Flourishing
Which led us into Christmas; with many carols to sing

The point of this rhyme is not to get all braggy
We know that boasting kind of makes God unhappy
Nonethless it’s good to reflect with thankful hearts
And celebrate all of you who did your part

It’s cool that in 2018 we had 8 baptisms
And 44 members joined the family at Chapel
It’s pretty exciting that our numbers are growing
Every number a person; a seed we’ve been sowing

This generous church, not only gave to the building
But your generosity was shown in your tithes and offerings
As well as your time, which we value SO greatly
So many people serving, and ‘all-in’, daily

Some other things that didn’t quite fit in my structure
We welcomed a load of guests to an amazing Alpha
The CAP Money course helped us budget our money
We saw many at Foodbank – who now won’t go hungry

CAP helped a number of people break free from debt
And our kids and youth teams – how could I forget!
Behind the scenes quietly sowing and sowing
And our young people; gospel disciples are growing

Our cooking teams always feed us so nicely
Our pastoral team helped so many in a crisis
I could probably go on like this for days and days
This is a wonderful church with much to celebrate

This was a fantastic year with lots to give thanks for
We thank God for his amazing grace and favour
For leading us on and making 2018 so exciting
Here hoping for an incredible 2019!