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The Making of a Preacher

Preach the Word | Miscellaneous Jeff Lucas | 05-Oct-15
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Seven Marks of a Healthy Church

The Book of Acts | Acts 2:40-47 Greg Haslam | 04-Oct-15

New converts need a ‘revelation’ of the Gospel of Christ. But their second great need is a revelation of ‘The Church of Christ’.

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A religion to shun says 'Do' and then 'Done'...

What does Jesus say about...? | John 4:4-24 Dan Skead | 04-Oct-15

Religions come in all stripes but how can we know what’s true and good and what isn’t? Jesus helps a woman by a well spot the difference.

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The Call to Preach

Preach the Word | Miscellaneous Steve Brady | 28-Sep-15
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From Ridicule to Revival

The Book of Acts | Acts 2:5-41 Greg Haslam | 27-Sep-15

It’s a long time since God has stirred up His people in the UK.  But Acts 2 prepares us for the ‘suddenlies’ of God’s power!

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What does Jesus say about... Sin?

What does Jesus say about … ? | John 8:1-11; 21-47 Howard Satterthwaite | 27-Sep-15

Sin is more serious than you probably realise but Jesus can save you powerfully from it.

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