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Love Everyone

The Book of Acts | Acts 10:1-11:18 Howard Satterthwaite | 24-Apr-16

Killing off prejudice.
Here are the study notes on the passage to be used in Life Groups and personal study.

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Back to Basics

Jesus On Every Page | Deuteronomy 30:1-10 Joshua Harvey | 24-Apr-16

Before we can go out, we must first come home.

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To Bless And Be A Blessing

Miscellaneous | Psalm 84 Guy Miller | 17-Apr-16

God loves and desires to bless His people with every Spiritual blessing in Christ. This in turn will result in His people becoming a blessing to those around them.

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Holy Spirit Power

Miscellaneous | Luke 3:22, 4:1 Guy Miller | 17-Apr-16

Just as Jesus was filled, lead and strengthened by the Holy Spirit, so must His followers be. As this happens the spotlight will shine even brighter upon our Saviour and many will come to know Him.

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An Attitude of Gratitude

Jesus On Every Page | Psalm 100 Roger Skervin | 10-Apr-16

Consider why we should be thankful to God and why it starts with our attitude.

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Thinking Big

The Book of Acts | Acts 9:32-43 Howard Satterthwaite | 10-Apr-16

Saying ‘No’ to nay-saying.
Here are the study notes on the passage to be used in Life Groups and personal study.

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...Was Blind But Now I See

The Book of Acts | Acts 9:19b-31 Dan Skead | 03-Apr-16

When Saul sees the glorious light of Jesus he is forever changed. He gains a new message, friends, strength, and purpose.

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Don't Settle for Less

Jesus On Every Page | Numbers 32 Andy Mehigan | 03-Apr-16

There is a promised land ahead of us. Why settle on the wrong side of the Jordan?

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Irrepressible Hope

Easter | John 20:1-2, 11-18 Howard Satterthwaite | 27-Mar-16

Irrepressible hope in a hurting world

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Living Hope In A Troubled World

Easter | John 20:1-20 Sam Mazreku | 27-Mar-16

Christ rose from the dead so that we may have hope not only for the life which is to come but for the one here and now.

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The Thief on the Cross

Easter | Luke 23:32-43 RT Kendall | 25-Mar-16

Death bed conversions? As Spurgeon put it, we have one: that none dare presume; but one that none may despair. The thief’s conversion is a demonstration of salvation by grace not works.

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Amazing Grace

The Book of Acts | Acts 9:1-19a Howard Satterthwaite | 20-Mar-16

Deliverance from dead religion by the living God.

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Giving Upgraded

Jesus On Every Page | Numbers 7 Charles Kasenene | 20-Mar-16

Israel’s generosity towards the old model of the tabernacle, where God dwelt, teaches us how we should give all of ourselves under the new model, the Church, where God now dwells.

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Passion for the Church

Miscellaneous | Galatians 6:1-10 Steve Petch | 13-Mar-16

Why should I care about the church? How can I play my part well?

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Walking with God

Jesus On Every Page | Leviticus 26 Andy Mehigan | 13-Mar-16

The one time it’s worth reading the terms and conditions!

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Parenting Through The Seasons

Mother's Day | Proverbs 1:1-9 Ruth Haslam | 06-Mar-16

We don’t want to be caught out inappropriately dressed for the weather.  Similarly, we need to be aware as parents what season we are in with our children so we are prepared.

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Contagious Spirituality

Jesus on Every Page | Leviticus 13-14 Dan Skead | 06-Mar-16

Leviticus teaches that to experience God’s presence we must first be cleansed of sin. Only then can we live out our distinctive calling.

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Overflowing Joy

The Book of Acts | Acts 8:26-40 Howard Satterthwaite | 28-Feb-16

Reason to Rejoice!
Study notes on the passageto be used in Life Groups and personal study.

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Who Shall Deliver Me?

Jesus On Every Page | Psalm 59 Tyson Bradley | 28-Feb-16

Until you realise that you were once an enemy of God, you will never be able to cry out for deliverance from the real enemy of Satan, Sin and Death.

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How To Live, Laugh And Love

Jesus On Every Page | Psalm 52 Dan Skead | 21-Feb-16

David and Doeg couldn’t be more different. It was proven in how they lived, what they laughed at, and ultimately what they loved.

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Joy In The City

The Book of Acts | Acts 8:4-25 John Hosier | 21-Feb-16

Samaria encounters the power of God.

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Spiritual Health Check

Jesus On Every Page | Exodus 25 Howard Satterthwaite | 14-Feb-16

Making fellowship with God your first priority; do not forsake your first love.

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The Love That Every Heart Longs For

Jesus On Every Page | Psalm 45 Andy Mehigan | 14-Feb-16

Only when we experience True love from another, can we ever Truly love one another.

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Red or Dead

Jesus On Every Page | Exodus 14 Josh Harvey | 07-Feb-16

The Exodus was Israel’s way out of slavery; Jesus is our way in to the Promised Land.

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Good Suffering

The Book of Acts | Acts 7:54-8:3 Howard Satterthwaite | 07-Feb-16

Search for the hero outside yourself.

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Finishing Well!

The Book of Acts | Acts 7:1-53 Greg Haslam | 31-Jan-16

It’s fascinating to read the stories of great Christian ‘worthies’ past and present.  The Jerusalem Deacon, Stephen, finished well.

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Secure in Suffering

Jesus On Every Page | Genesis 50:1-3, 15-26 Howard Satterthwaite | 31-Jan-16

You can be secure in suffering with Jesus by your side, the true and better Joseph.

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Finding the Right Helpers

The Book of Acts | Acts 6:1-15 Greg Haslam | 24-Jan-16

No church can properly function without the right servant people giving their all!

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God's Servant, Tested and Proven

Jesus On Every Page | Genesis 39-40 Charles Kasenene | 24-Jan-16

Joseph’s story shows us that God’s chosen servant, who brings salvation and blessing to God’s people, goes through testing and comes out with shining colours.

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Do You Want to Get Well?

Baptism | John 5:1-15 Greg Haslam | 17-Jan-16

Healings regularly happened to damaged people when Jesus was around.  But there are others who don’t want to be healed, and the puzzle is ‘WHY?’

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The Story of CAP

Miscellaneous | Miscellaneous John Kirkby | 17-Jan-16
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Sowing Generously

Vision Sunday | 2 Corinthians 9:6-15 Howard Satterthwaite | 10-Jan-16

Give all that you have in the service of God and you’ll get everything you need.

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God's Triumph Over All Evils

Jesus On Every Page | Psalm 10 Greg Haslam | 10-Jan-16

The Book of Psalms sounds all the right notes for people in doubt and in trouble.

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It's Time We All Blew Our Cover

New Year | Ephesians 5:15-21; Colossians 4:2-6; 1 Peter 3:8-15 Greg Haslam | 03-Jan-16

Becoming who we is rather than who we ain’t!

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Resolved to Read

Bible in Two Years | 2 Timothy 3:10-17 Howard Satterthwaite | 27-Dec-15

The Bible is the most precious, powerful, and profitable book in the world; make it your preoccupation so it may point you to Christ.

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The Gift Nobody Wants?

Christmas | Isaiah 9:1-7 Greg Haslam | 25-Dec-15

Unwanted gifts are returned to the store after Christmas.  Will you do that with Jesus?

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The Clash of Two Kings

Christmas | Matthew 1:18-25, 2:1-12 Greg Haslam | 20-Dec-15

World history has been marked by the war between good and evil.  There will only be one winner – Jesus!

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Obeying God Rather than Men

The Book of Acts | Acts 5:17-42 Greg Haslam | 13-Dec-15

Controversy heats up in Jerusalem since Pentecost, as the authorities try to dismantle all God is doing!

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Carols by Candlelight

Carols by Candlelight | Isaiah 9:1-7 Greg Haslam | 13-Dec-15
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Jonah the backslidden prophet

Miscellaneous | Jonah 1:1-17 Terry Virgo | 06-Dec-15

Having brought successful prophetic ministry, Jonah became indifferent and out of step with God. God’s fresh commission, though initially ignored, led to a rediscovery of his prophetic calling. The grace of God prevailed.

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God's presence in his church

Miscellaneous | John 13:33; 14:1-20 Terry Virgo | 06-Dec-15

God is with us – the unique claim of the Christian believer. But what did it mean to Simon Peter to hear that Jesus would not be with him much longer?

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Prophecy is for Building up the Church

Miscellaneous | 1 Corinthians 14:1-5 Dan Skead | 29-Nov-15

Sometimes it feels like the building project on the church has halted, but prophecy can kick start us into action again.

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Shadow Ministry, and a Miracle Jail Break!

The Book of Acts | Acts 5:12-32 Greg Haslam | 29-Nov-15

The first 5 centuries of the Christian Church were marked by people who ‘out-lived’, ‘out-loved’, ‘out-thought’,  and ‘out-died’ the pagans!  We all need to see this again in the 21st Century.

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Religious Hypocrisy, Spiritual Reality

The Book of Acts | Acts 4:32-5:11; Malachi 3:6-12 Greg Haslam | 22-Nov-15

Becoming a true Christian can make stand-out people of us all and significant developments in WORDS, WORKS and WONDERS.

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What did Jesus say about... PEACE?

What does Jesus say about...? | John 20:19-30 Howard Satterthwaite | 22-Nov-15

Peace is only possible in the person of Christ.

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Though The Fig Tree Does Not Bud

Miscellaneous | Habakkuk 3:16-19 Ravi Zacharias | 15-Nov-15
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What did Jesus say about... SUFFERING?

What does Jesus say about...? | John 16:32-33 Dan Skead | 15-Nov-15

In a world full of trouble, courage and peace can only come through Jesus’ suffering and by joining with Him in His victory

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Miscellaneous | Philippians 2:12-18 Howard Satterthwaite | 08-Nov-15

How to be somebody worth remembering.

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What did Jesus say about... JOY?

What does Jesus say about...? | John 15:1-17 Howard Satterthwaite | 08-Nov-15

Real, lasting, abundant joy is found only in Jesus.

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Epilogue - Recovering your Cutting Edge

Preach the Word | Miscellaneous Greg Haslam | 02-Nov-15
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