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Christ's Crowds

Easter 2014 | Matthew 21:1-11 Greg Haslam | 13-Apr-14

Jesus’ unusual public display of his true identity, by riding on a humble donkey into Jerusalem, challenges all of our attitudes and responses to him to this very day.

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Religion Sucks

Matthew's Gospel | Matthew 15:1-20 Howard Satterthwaite | 13-Apr-14

Jesus hates your religion ‘cos He wants your heart.

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Meeting Jesus Face to Face

Encounters with Jesus | Revelation 20:11-21:8; 1 Corinthians 3:1-15 Greg Haslam | 06-Apr-14

Every person who’s ever lived will finally meet Jesus for their total life appraisal.  For Christians it will determine our rewards, or loss of them. How can we get ready?

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The Anatomy of Faith

The World's True King | Matthew 14:22-36 Andrew Haslam | 06-Apr-14 Click to download

Christ in Our Life Crises

The World's True King | Matthew 14:13-36 Greg Haslam | 30-Mar-14

Life can be hard, but none of us need to face scarcity and danger alone.  Christ cares, and intervenes to help us.

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Honour Where Honour's Due!

Misc | Exodus 20:12 Ruth Haslam | 30-Mar-14

As the Family becomes more undermined, huge losses occur. Children thrive best under wise, loving, and God-centered effective parenting.

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