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The Dynamics of Lasting Change

Ephesians Series | Ephesians 4:20-32 Greg Haslam | 03-May-15

Change is here to stay! But only when we discover God’s recipe for life-change

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Myth 3: The Bible Has Nothing to Say to Me?

Mythbusters | Miscellaneous Howard Satterthwaite | 03-May-15

Don’t mistakenly judge the most popular and precious book by its cover; read it and make up your own mind

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Stop Living Like Pagans!

Ephesians series | Ephesians 4:17-24 Greg Haslam | 26-Apr-15

The Gospel changes everything – our relationships, our future restoration, our total welfare in Christ.

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Myth 2: Science Has Disproved God?

Mythbusters | Genesis 1 Greg Haslam | 26-Apr-15

Many think there’s a conflict between science and the Bible.  True science comes from God.

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The Presence of the LORD

Miscellaneous | Psalm 16 Rob Jones | 19-Apr-15

So often in life, especially during hard times, we forget one of the sweetest truths about God – He is always with us.

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Myth 1: Christianity is Seriously Old-Fashioned About Sex?

Mythbusters | Various Howard Satterthwaite | 19-Apr-15

The best sex is in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

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