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Connecting with the Real World

Preach the Word | Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Stuart Reid | 23-Mar-15 Click to download

The ultimate plan for unity

Ephesians series | Ephesians 4:1-16 Greg Haslam | 22-Mar-15

Every single Christian can be inspired with a big vision for Jesus’ Church.  This was Paul’s vision, and can be ours!

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Jesus Before Pilate

The World’s True King | Matthew 27:11-31 Greg Haslam | 22-Mar-15

Jesus moves from the hissing hatred of the Sanhedrin, to the fire of Pontius Pilate’s injustice.

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Starting from Scratch

Preach the Word | Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Chris Wright | 16-Mar-15 Click to download

Raising Children of Destiny

Mothers Day | Luke 5-20; 39-44 Greg Haslam | 15-Mar-15

An old Jewish proverb says: “God could not be everywhere so He made mothers!”

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The Guilty Sacrifice

The World’s True King | Matthew 27:1-10 Josh Harvey | 15-Mar-15

Judas died because he could not live with his guilt. Jesus died so that you would not have to live with yours.

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The City

The City is our church’s social networking site. It is not a replacement for community but a tool to help us to get into each other’s lives and spend quality time together.

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