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Finishing Well!

Acts | Acts 7:1-53 Greg Haslam | 31-Jan-16

It’s fascinating to read the stories of great Christian ‘worthies’ past and present.  The Jerusalem Deacon, Stephen, finished well.

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Jesus On Every Page | Genesis 50:1-3, 15-26 Howard Satterthwaite | 31-Jan-16

You can be secure in suffering with Jesus by your side.

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Finding the Right Helpers

Acts | Acts 6:1-15 Greg Haslam | 24-Jan-16

No church can properly function without the right servant people giving their all!

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God's Servant, Tested and Proven

Jesus On Every Page | Genesis 39-40 Charles Kasenene | 24-Jan-16

Joseph’s story shows us that God’s chosen servant, who brings salvation and blessing to God’s people, goes through testing and comes out with shining colours.

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Do You Want to Get Well?

Baptism Service | John 5:1-15 Greg Haslam | 17-Jan-16

Healings regularly happened to damaged people when Jesus was around.  But there are others who don’t want to be healed, and the puzzle is ‘WHY?’

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The Story of CAP

Miscellaneous | Miscellaneous John Kirkby | 17-Jan-16
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