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Preaching as Spiritual Warfare

Preach the Word | Miscellaneous Doug Williams | 03-Aug-15
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The Good Samaritan

Generous Justice | Luke 10:25-37 Greg Haslam | 02-Aug-15

In many parts of Britain, past tensions and brittle relations can fuel prejudice and hostility to those we shun. But Jesus made a hero of a despised Samaritan. Why?

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Heaven and Hell | Revelation 20:11-21:8 Greg Haslam | 02-Aug-15

The Biblical story of the unfolding of time and our arrival in eternity takes seriously the importance of the future. Only two outcomes are certain – HEAVEN or HELL. What then is Hell?

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Pastoral Preaching and Teaching

Preach the Word | Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Stuart Bell | 27-Jul-15
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Wise Charitable Living

Generous Justice | 1 Timothy 5:3-16 Greg Haslam | 26-Jul-15

The Church Jesus wants is not a ‘begging mission’, but a ‘blessing mission’ – offering gospel grace to the aged, our siblings, and wise generous honour to all.

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Heaven and Hell | Revelation 20:11-21:8 Greg Haslam | 26-Jul-15

Most people carry vague ideas about the future and it’s awesome events.  In two messages we shall explore what awaits both the saved and the lost – beginning with ‘Heaven’.

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