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Preaching the Prophets

Preach the Word | Miscellaneous Miscellaneous David Pawson | 26-Jan-15 Click to download

Paul in Ephesus

Ephesians Series | Ephesians 1:1-2 Greg Haslam | 25-Jan-15

Ephesus resembles the serious decline of London and the UK.  Very few people have any ideas what to do about it.

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Faithful or Slothful?

The Worlds True King | Matthew 25:14-30 Howard Satterthwaite | 25-Jan-15

Ejecting hellish laziness out of your lifestyle by being faithful in the ‘small things’

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Giving Ourselves to the Word and Prayer

Preach the Word | Miscellaneous Terry Virgo | 19-Jan-15 Click to download

Joyful Generosity

Giving Sunday | 1 Corinthians 8:1-9 Howard Satterthwaite | 18-Jan-15

Giving all that you have in right response to the gospel, for the advancement of the gospel.

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The Shepherd and His Sheep

Baptism Service | John 10:1-18 Greg Haslam | 18-Jan-15

How God’s lost strays can finally be found.

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The City is our church’s social networking site. It is not a replacement for community but a tool to help us to get into each other’s lives and spend quality time together.

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